Is PCH Prizes Bingo a Good Site?

I’m always on the hunt for new bingo sites. Though I live in North America, most new bingo sites are not available to me :( – [thanks Unlawful Gaming Act (I’ll vent on this in a later posting] but that doesn’t stop me from reading my favourite bingo review site  that caters predominately to online bingo in the UK.
I recently came across their review on PCH Prizes Bingo and was surprised that Publishers clearing house is now a pay to play bingo site in the UK. How about that? One of America’s most trusted gaming brands is now taking bets and wagers in the UK. So much for the argument of morality – boloney … ooh, I can’t wait for online bingo to be regulated in the US soon. 

Anyways, besides the legality issues, I think PCH is doing a great job of extending their brand over to the UK and introducing their famous prize draws to a new market.

It’s too soon to tell how UK players will respond to an American brand and whether the history of PCH will help bring more players online who are skeptical about unknown gaming brands.

My first impression without playing the games on the site, I like the site design and the level of excitement it communicates.

Plus there are so many prize draws available that I just wish I was a UK citizen for a brief moment.

Anyways, this post was a ramble more than anything but nevertheless one that’s been on my mind for some time.


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